Light of Jah

For CBD users and enthusiasts, the effects are beneficial for both social and medical uses. The cannabis industry creates different products with marijuana strains that are either indica or Sativa dominant. One of the most famous marijuana strains is the Light of Jah strain.

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Similar to the lavender plant, the Lavender Strain of cannabis is extremely calming and stress relieving. This is an indica leaning strain that offers its users a great and relaxing high. It has a very floral and herby lavender taste. Its leaves smell very much like lavender, as seen in our reviews. This makes it a great choice whenever you need to unwind and de-stress.

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Ghost Train Haze

Ghost train haze is one tremendous Sativa-dominant strain that comes from the crossing of Nevil`s Wreck and Ghost OG that is bred by Rare Dankness, a company based in Denver. Like almost every other Sativa strain, this one does just the magic that you would most likely expect. However, it will leave you with a certain high because high THC content of up to 25%

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Dirty Girl Strain

Dirty girl sounds somewhat funny and, interestingly, a bit modern to be the name of a Cannabis strain, but it is. In this Dirty girl strain review, we will be looking at the product in full, how it is gotten, how you can use it to enjoy all its benefits fully, and all its side effects to know if and when you should probably stay away.

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