Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit weed has a strain of Cannabis and contains 30% of THC. Forbidden Fruit strain has a grape and pineapple aroma, making it fruity. The grape fragrance is the most pronounced from the Forbidden Fruit. If you need to relax, the forbidden fruit will give you the best relaxation. It is believed to be a stress reliever and can lock you on your couch for some time. If you want to use it, take it at night to experience its relaxation effects. Forbidden Fruit is highly rich with an Indica strain and an interesting terpene profile that helps you counter stress and pain. The forbidden Fruit cartridge is available to enhance the experience.

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Orange Kush

We were looking forward to our weekend out of town trip. We said we’re going to get stoned and who knows what. All packed with all sorts of things, be like: oh we might need this. Oh and that too. I think I even brought a yoga mat and a baseball. Top on the list is the Orange Kush.

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