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If you ever have concern about types of marijuana strains, you might have heard of a strain so-called Blueberry OG and Platinum OG. However, similar names easily confuse you while at store, like blueberry cheese, white berry, Sour Blueberry (or other marijuana plants at all). In addition, few research stops you from using or knowing more, then this informative review of marijuana strains is right for you.

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Features of the Blueberry OG

Blueberry OG is also named Blueberry Kush, which are interchangeably used in this review. It contains indica-dominant CBD characteristic (70-80%) and may not an optimal type for users looking for a strong pack (for body high) but medical impacts.

Specifically, this phenotype cross has famous parents namely DJ short Blueberry and OG Kush. These are former winner in 2000 of charismatic reviews competition for best marijuana strain High Times Cannabis Cup. You can see its family tree type down below. Other than that, we help clarify blueberry Kush’s typical features

Strain Features

  • Typical fragrance/ flavor profile/ smell: like DJ short Blueberry and OG Kush, its name says all, something between musky and earthy, fresh blueberry taste or blueberry flavor, citrus, teeming juice smell, etc.
  • Indica/ sativa ratio: Indica over 70%, Sativa30%
  • THC CBD content: THC (high content) 24.0% and CBD (low content), it is stated that their ratio should be 2:1
  • Location/ site: West Coast (contributes to potent flavor and THC richness)
  • Growing: Blueberry is a hybrid phenotype and its plants can be both outdoor/indoor cultivated. Normally, the yields harvest will fall within October after flowering periods of 8 weeks. Moreover, blueberry Kush yields reach up to 700 g/ m2.

Common usage

Blueberry Kush strains are among trusted strain blueberry suggested in medical advice/ dispensaries in the hard cope with mental and physical conditions.

  • Recommended in dealing with mental issues such as stress or anxiety, depression, doubts or worries, etc.
  • Pain mitigation for physical conditions such as normal pain or even more serious pain, inflammation, etc.
  • Chronic condition like insomnia, headaches, etc. Patients might get deep sleep after using proper content of blueberry Kush (good for evening use)

As mentioned above, this strain blueberry is not born for body high or enabling to achieve “high” experience but it makes perfect cure for stress in daily-life. Even chronic issues are not a big deal when patients/ users know how to take advantage of proper description of its indica sativa ratio or THC/ CBD ratio.


People might have while/after using this indica-dominant strain, following with sedation and natural reaction of what your body part wants

  • Relaxation
  • Joyful inside
  • Feel intense of excitement and fulfilled
  • Sleep quality is considerably improved
  • Mood is constantly uplifted, spirit is in a state of energetic and active
  • Increase appetite

and many more you can look at Nugest page or Way or others to read reviews of its benefits. By reading sites or visiting dispensaries with high prestige, and based on purposes of people from cross hybrid strains, they are surely beneficial from it.

Side Effects

It is noticeable that some withdrawals may involve that you should thoroughly consider these strains before use.

  • Dry mouth and/ or dry eyes (along with chapped lips), which requires people to regularly intake more water
  • Smoking/using abusively blueberry OG may cause backfire (enable more anxiety or stress or headache)
  • Dizziness or paranoid

Approaches To Avoid Side Effects

You should firstly have consultancy with health professional or qualified specialists before purchasing any thing you are not sure. If possible, you can equip yourselves with knowledge of strains. You can update these strains’ information via prestigious site with up-to-date strains reviews like Nugnest’s reviews, (for instance Platinum OG strain) or through media, crash courses with experts, etc.


Besides relaxed-focused purposes, thanks to its ideal impact on mental and physical health, blueberry OG has spread its popularity and undoubtedly become a star as a business solutions dispensaries item. You can find them on any locations even local or international one. Even many enterprises has their peak time for doing business with blueberry Kush like Core state holdings corp.

How to buy?

  • Offline: It is more approachable for you to just reach the location and store in the area nearby, and have consultancy from the sellers.
  • Online: You access one certain website and may see a full menu of available strains or related statistics and sidebar of each strain. You might observe every sidebar is for your pick-up and you need to agree to their cookies policy before allowed more manipulations, etc. Most website selling blueberry Kush and other strain will require you to enter your location. Normally you are required to provide your ZIP, city (for example eng ec2v, London ) and other basic information of one location to be navigated and shipped. Location change means information change should follow.
Blueberry OG strain
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