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Dirty girl sounds somewhat funny and, interestingly, a bit modern to be the name of a Cannabis strain, but it is. In this Dirty girl strain review, we will be looking at the product in full, how it is gotten, how you can use it to enjoy all its benefits fully, and all its side effects to know if and when you should probably stay away.

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This article will strictly be about the Ghost train haze strain review, where you will learn about everything that has to do with the strain, including its origin, flavor, aroma, and every other important information so that you can know whether it is a great strain, compared to the others that are available. Pay close attention to this article.

Features of the Dirty Girl Strain

The Dirty girl strain looks just as beautiful as any hybrid Marijuana plant with orange-colored hairs. Below, we will be looking at everything that makes up the Dirty girl strain so that you have complete info of what the product is and contains.

Dirty Girl Strain Parents

Dirty girl is a hybrid product of two Sativa-dominant strains; Cinderella 99 and Trainwreck. However, there is a version of Trainwreck that is actually responsible for the Dirty girl strain, and it is known as the Arcata Trainwreck. Although it is often mistaken for the Lemon wreck and is often called the Arcata lemon wreck because of its lemony flavor, it contains higher THC levels, even more than its parents.

The Fragrance of the Dirty Girl Strain

This Marijuana strain most likely got its name from the scent it emits. Aside from its sweet lemon candy scent, the product also adds an earthy flavor and taste to one of its qualities in a beautiful way that you would appreciate.

Dirty Girl Strain Flavors

Dirty girl tastes just like lemon, but without the chemical feel that a real lemon brings. It is something you can call a milder form of lemon that refreshes your taste buds. Combine that with its fruity pineapple smell (pine sol), and what you have is goodness well defined. Some reviews attribute this flavor to its orange-colored, golden look, but it is more about the breeding process.

Content; Indica/Sativa Ratio and THC

The Marijuana Strain is a Sativa dominant strain as it contains 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. However, it contains higher levels of THC than its parents, ranging from 17 to 28%. It is a comfortable strain to consume.

Growing Dirty Girl Strain

For growers who want to grow their own Dirty girl strain, it is important to note the following:

  • Climate: The product is best grown in humid and warm temperatures.
  • Indoor yield: based on the level of warmth and humidity in the environment and how you take care of the plant, it can produce up to 10-12oz o/sqm.
  • Outdoor yield: planting the seeds outdoors can yield at most 12oz/plant.
  • Flowering time (indoors): it takes approximately 8 to 9 weeks to plant and groom the flowers to maturity
  • flowering time (outdoors): the best time to have these marijuana flowers bloom is in October.

Common usage of the Dirty Girl Strain

Cannabis users who love to explore the different strains of the product don’t mind when and how they take the product as long as it gets them high to a good extent. Some users claim to use it for its medical relevance, while others say it helps to get them adequately high while still maintaining a sweet aroma in their room.

Many people use Marijuana products for different reasons, and to know some of the best reasons to use it for, you can look up some strain reviews from people who have actually used it. Note, however, that the effects in the reviews you read may be specific to the person and not general. Some of the side effects and benefits of Dirty girl don’t work for everyone the same way.

Benefits of Dirty girl strain

As mentioned earlier, aside from the fact that Dirty girl gets you a certain range of high to buzz you up for the day, the product shares some attributes with other Cannabis products, offering different benefits to different people. The reviews that some users give are from their personal perspectives after using Dirty girl. Below is a list of some benefits that may be a little more general:

1. Tastes delicious and smells good: one of the reasons some people prefer cross-bred marijuana products is because they can get a feeling of two delicious strains in one, and that is what Dirty girl brings to the table. It tastes like citrus fruit and gives that fruity pineapple smell.

2. Reduces the complication of migraine headaches, anxiety, depression, and several other mood-related issues away: most of the products in the Cannabis industry, including CBD, perform this function. Anxiety and depression usually go hand in hand with other unfriendly mood issues, and the Dirty girl strain deals with them to a reasonable extent.

3. it gives a high experience: aside from all the other benefits of Marijuana products. The ‘high’ is an important reason why most users even start taking it in the first place.

4. It helps you feel more relaxed, euphoric, creative, uplifted, and happy.

5. Dirty Girl flower helps with insomnia: this may be due to the review gotten from users; it could perform the same benefit for you too.

Side effects of the Dirty girl strain

The side effects of the Dirty girl flower includes the following:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Dizziness: it usually comes with the high
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety: although there are links to anxiety in old smokers, the effects are more evident in new users.

The experiences you will get from using the Dirty girl flower may differ from those from the reviews you will read. Just consider every review and monitor the effects on your body.


The Dirty girl strain is a hybrid (cross breed) of two Sativa-dominant plants. Like many other Marijuana brands, Seattle is one location where you will find most Dirty girl dispensaries as the city is known for their love for beautiful strains.

However, you must note that weed and other related products are not accepted in certain areas, so check to see if your location is one of those before you include it in your menu.

You may also want to try out another very delicious strains like the Grandaddy Purple Strain and several others. Visit the page to get more information about the strain and probably drop a review after you have used it.

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