Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit weed has a strain of Cannabis and contains 30% of THC. Forbidden Fruit strain has a grape and pineapple aroma, making it fruity. The grape fragrance is the most pronounced from the Forbidden Fruit. If you need to relax, the forbidden fruit will give you the best relaxation. It is believed to be a stress reliever and can lock you on your couch for some time. If you want to use it, take it at night to experience its relaxation effects. Forbidden Fruit is highly rich with an Indica strain and an interesting terpene profile that helps you counter stress and pain. The forbidden Fruit cartridge is available to enhance the experience.


  • Treats anxiety
  • It reduces nausea and chronic pain.
  • It reduces epilepsy in kids.
  • It can be used in cancer treatment


  • Marijuana strain is prohibited under Federal law
  • Smoking generally causes damage to your lungs
  • Cannabis strain can cause damage to your mental health.
  • It can be addictive
  • It can cause work and vehicle accidents.

Features of the strain


The Forbidden Fruit has a strong grape smell. It also has a smell of a mixture of Tangie potent, citrus, and passion fruit. When you take the Forbidden Fruit, you feel like you are eating fruit. This is before the Indica component gets to your whole body. The strain is good for relaxing yourself with its level of THC. If you feel the weed strain is not strong enough for your needs, you can combine it with a more potent strain.


The buds of the fruit are in a variety of colors. Some are green Tangie like others blue, purple, or a spread of pink with orange hairs. Inside the bud structure, the plant has orange hairs.

Aroma and Flavor

It is rich in floral and fruity scents. The fruity aroma and flavors attract you to have a taste. It has a flavor profile of grapes, cherry pie, tropical and, citrus and the blend of these fruit flavors makes it have an attractive aroma.


Forbidden fruit strain is a simple strain to grow. It can be grown both inside and outside. It can resist molds and pests. You can easily manage it well compared to Cannabis. You can easily achieve the Forbidden Fruit leafly structure.

Growing Indoor

If you have enough space with proper air circulation, the strain can grow well without a struggle. Average room temperature and moderate humidity are suitable for the plant. The plant has a strong smell, just like the strains, and enough ventilation is essential.

Growing Outdoor

Growing the plant outside is more convenient because of the smell. The plant does quite well in a moderate climate. Ensure you have enough sunlight and dry air. It is best to plant the leafly Forbidden Fruit from October onwards because of the pleasant climate.

Common usage of the strain

  1. Many users of strains enjoy it for medicinal value. According to strain review and researches, the Cannabis strains treat a variety of illnesses and conditions considering its THC content.
  2. It is used to improve memory and other brain functions.
  3. The strain users enjoy it for the benefit of relieving anger, muscle spasms, pain, anxiety, and chronic stress. When you smoke it, you tend to relax and forget about your pain and troubles.
  4. Many people use the fruit to gain courage and be brave in doing things. Maybe confront others or speak in public, and so on. Marijuana and anxiety are a good combination as it can be used to treat the latter.
  5. People use the strain for fun. To enjoy a moment with friends.
  6. Some use it to relax.

Benefits of the strain

  1. The outstanding features of the strain make it the people’s choice. You can use it to manage different conditions. It is commonly used to manage migraine, muscle spasm, and excruciating pains. You can also use it to manage stress, loss of appetite, nausea, and anxiety.
  2. The strain is used as a sleep-inducing component. You can use it effectively in the evenings. The fruit has a heavier high than other strains. This strain enables you to sleep heavily. The gusher strain leafly and the poison fruit strain are some of the other strains.
  3. It is a good Cannabis strain to manage stress. If you take it in high doses, you will be glued to one spot for a long time. Thus, have a long, restful sleep.
  4. However, if by any chance you take more Marijuana strain than you wanted, you can try the following;
    – Take a long cold shower.
    – Take a lot of hot coffee.
    – Do some physical exercise that will ensure you are active.

Side effects of the Forbidden Fruit strain

It causes mental and body relaxation. You can forget about everything that happened and is yet to happen.

However, there are severe effects for the use of the strain. The high content of THC makes it a very high potent. It portrays the same reactions as marijuana use.

It will make you feel dizzy if you take it in large amounts.

Every other Marijuana strain has adverse effects on the users. For the Forbidden Fruit strain, it also has the same effects. Some of the effects include;

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • A feeling of dizziness
  • Some minor headaches
  • A feel of paranoia
  • It can cause abnormal levels of psychiatric disorders
  • You are likely to experience psychological dependence
  • You can get amnesia
  • There is a possibility of developing hyperemesis syndrome


The Forbidden Fruit strain is a breed with a high content of Indica. It has a 70% Indica and 30% Sativa ratio and a unique combined fruity taste of grapes, citrus, and cherry pie. It is crossed with Cherry Pie and Tangie. This combination makes forbidden fruit super potent. A marijuana seed company develops the forbidden fruit at Dutch growers.

The Marijuana strain is highly recommended for you, whether you are a consumer or a grower. Its characteristics, flavor, health benefits, and effects are worth a try.

The medicinal value of Cannabis is yet to be officially adopted by the United States government. However, it is still used by many states treatment of various illnesses.

Some of the symptoms that come with excessive use of the strains can be treated. For example, anxiety can be treated through therapy and medication. You should inform your doctor if you self-medicated with Marijuana. Notably, it is hard to narrow down on the strain with the most THC content.


Is Forbidden Fruit a good strain?
Yes, Forbidden Fruit is a good strain.

What does Forbidden Fruit taste like?
Forbidden Fruit tastes like fruit.

What is the Forbidden Fruit crossed with?
Forbidden Fruit is crossed with Cherry Pie and Tangie.

Forbidden Fruit: