Ghost Train Haze

Ghost train haze is one tremendous Sativa-dominant strain that comes from the crossing of Nevil`s Wreck and Ghost OG that is bred by Rare Dankness, a company based in Denver. Like almost every other Sativa strain, this one does just the magic that you would most likely expect. However, it will leave you with a certain high because high THC content of up to 25%

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This article will strictly be about the Ghost train haze strain review, where you will learn about everything that has to do with the strain, including its origin, flavor, aroma, and every other important information so that you can know whether it is a great strain, compared to the others that are available. Pay close attention to this article.

Features of the Ghost Train Haze

As mentioned earlier, the GTH is a product of the Ghost OG and Nevil`s wreck (a product of Neville`s haze and Trainwreck). It is a Sativa dominant hybrid that is grown by a Denver-based company known as Rare Dankness. Ghost train haze is a potent strain that has won several merits, compared to other Sativas. one of its merits includes the High Times Strongest Strains on Earth. It also got the first place spot for the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup US Sativa, along with several others.

Let us take a closer look at some of its other features that you may need to look into before beginning or continuing to use the strain.

Ghost Train Haze Flavor

Most Ghost train haze strain reviews will tell you that the strain got everything from the Ghost OG. However, the Ghost train haze gets most of its flavor from both of its parents. From the Ghost OG, it got its sweet citrus flavor that is capable of turning your smoking time into an amazing and refreshing time while also helping with some incredible health benefits that we will look at later in the article.

From Nevil’s wreck, the GTH gets its fruity and floral taste and smell. The buds are capable of spurring you into action at any time of the day with their amazing energy replenishing attribute.

Ghost Train Haze Fragrance

This strain has a very pungent and delicious aroma, but not so much of a great look. Don’t let the thick trichomes deceive you; the sweet scent of the strain will keep you asking for more each time. The most dominant smell in it is the sweet orange scent that easily swallows up the floral flavor.

The Effects and Experience

Like any other Cannabis strains, the Ghost train haze gives you a powerful energy level accompanied by a series of highs in just one smoking session. The citrus scent first hits your taste buds and leaves you with a sour citrus taste (a good sour taste). To fully get the experience and effects of this strain is to try it out yourself.

Don’t be deceived by its appearance or the reviews you may have seen; the strain is a very strong one, and if you don’t find a comfortable position, you could get knocked off your feet. To be on the safer side and keep the effects at bay, you should start the strain with small doses, especially if you haven’t had to use it or any other related strain before.

Aside from winning the Cannabis cup, the Ghost train haze 1 is also winning hearts with its ability to act as a medicine. It also helps to put users in happy, euphoric, uplifted, energetic, and focused moods.

Content, Indica/Sativa, THC

Ghost train haze is Sativa-dominant, which means that it will give a higher level of Sativa effects that it will Indica. The ratio of Sativa to Indica in Ghost train haze is 80:20. It also contains a THC level of 25%, which is what gives you the high that you feel when you take it.

Growing Ghost Train Haze

Ghost train haze 1 was made available by a master grower (Green Man Cannabis), but now, you too can create this goodness by simply some rules which I will send down to you below.

  • Climate: like some Marijuana plants, you can grow this strain in humid to hot and dry climates.
  • Indoor yield: depending on the growing circumstances, the GTH can yield up to 10 ounces per square meter.
  • Outdoor yield: the outdoor yield is usually a lot higher, and you can get up to 14 ounces per plant.
  • Flowering time (indoor): it can take from eight to eleven weeks for the products to reach maturity
  • Flowering time (outdoor): in order for you to get good results, you may have to wait till October. that way, the products can get a good amount of heat early in the next year.

Note that the location where you choose to grow the strain will affect its overall growth rate, as with every other Cannabis strain.

Common Usage of the Ghost Train Haze

The Ghost train haze has many uses, one of them being its ability to act as a strong medicine to some of the conditions that a few people may have regarded as its side effects. The Sativa-dominant hybrid has some of the healing abilities of CBD, only that it gets you in a high state. Besides the feeling of highness, below are some of the other things that these buds can do for you.

You can compare this strain to several other hybrid strains in our menu and try to see what they all have to offer and how to use them. One of them is the Granddaddy purple strain. See if there are dispensaries in areas near you and load yourself f up with a good dosage to keep you energized and revitalized throughout the day.

Benefits of the Ghost Train Haze

Although one way to find out the amazing benefits of GTH strains is to use it yourself and see so that you can have an individual perspective just like everyone else who has used it, however, below is a list of the common benefits that GTH brings to the table.

  • Get rid of depression, anxiety, and more
  • relieve stress
  • reduce inflammation
  • relieves pains
  • takes away fatigue
  • It helps more and more people to get rid of insomnia

Besides all of these, some cancer patients have attested to an improvement in cancer symptoms after taking doses of the strain.

Side effects of Ghost Train Haze

Everything that has benefits, no matter how amazing they are, would definitely have a few flaws. Ghost train haze isn’t any different. However, the side effects listed below are those gotten from reviews by people who have used the strain.

  • Dry mouth
  • Anxiety (depending on the dosages you take)
  • Paranoia
  • Dizziness
  • Dry eyes

These side effects are common with most Cannabis strains, and if you are a regular user of Cannabis, you should find these normal. If you want to find out more side effects of other Cannabis strains, you would have to check the strain reviews in the link above.


Ghost train haze is a Marijuana product bred by a Denver-based company. The product has won several awards in the state of Colorado, including the award for the strongest strain ever. The reviews say so much about its potency and its medicinal quality. You can check out dispensaries near your location to start digging into the goodness of this highly rated strain right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions that should help you learn more about the strain and probably develop your own style of using it that other reviews may not cover.

Ghost Train Haze is one of the most potent strains ever made, and it has won several Colorado awards for that. It contains a THC level of up to 25%. The high level you can get would depend on the doses you take.

The strain is both Sativa and Indica. However, it is Sativa-dominant, with an 80:20 ratio.

Ghost Train Haze smells like a citrus fruit with a good floral undertone.

Ghost Train Haze
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