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When it comes to Grape Stomper people can think of distinct grape candy. This herb will give you a very deep, slightly fruity aroma like a grape when you smoke. Let's check the review of Grape Stomper for more details. In the story of marijuana strains today, it feels like almost all products are Indica, or at least crossbred with Indica, so Sativa is starting to feel like the past. Fortunately, the Sativa strain still exists. Grape Stomper - A hybrid of the Sativa craft breed is a great sample to help introduce a new user to a whole world of cannabis.

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This article will strictly be about the Grape Stomper strain review, where you will learn about everything that has to do with the strain, including its origin, flavor, aroma, and every other important information so that you can know whether it is a great strain, compared to the others that are available. Pay close attention to this article.

What is the Grape Stomper?

Grape Stomper (known as Sour Grape) is a 60/40 Sativa dominant hybrid, created by Gage Green Genetics. This strain is a cross between breeder JojoRizo’s Purple Elephant and Elite Seeds’ Chemdawg Sour Diesel. Purple Elephant and Chemdawg Sour Diesel products are both popular and most powerful strains throughout the United States.

Sour Grapes are different from other strains because this herb is a handcrafted hybrid strain type. Cannabis strain companies or massive breeders did not crop this strain.

Sour Grapes are considered to be the strong strain line. It offers you two distinct stages of experience. First, you’ll feel the effect of a direct hit to the brain. After that, you feel the body mellowing, lighten, soften, and tingle a little. The Grape Stomper effect will not make you feel drowsy but a gentle sensation that makes you move to your rhythm.

Description of the strain


Genetics: Jojorizo’s Purple Elephant x Elite Seeds Chemdog Sour Diesel

The hybrid Grape Stomper has 16 to 22 percent THC, up to 1 percent of CBD, 60 percent of Sativa, and 40% of Indica.


People would expect Grape Stomper to have a very beautiful purple color. But it was actually green, with a hint of purple and yellow spots.

Trichome coverage really overwhelms the appearance of this strain by orange hairs. The trichomes are especially thick, giving the Grape Stomper buds orange hairs.


Instead of the pungent taste of a barrel of grape juice, this line is more subtle, providing the basic aroma of freshly picked grapes.

When you open the lid of the box, you will see a mixed aroma of Diesel and processed grapes. This is thanks to the Sour Diesel component. Enjoy the fascinating unique combination of both the grape scent and the distinctive diesel scent.

Once you get used to the smell, you may begin to notice its scent strangely sweet, reminiscent of candy. The latter scent was something that existed throughout the smoke, with light and faint smoke carrying both the aromas and memories of the sweet vines.


When you start smoking, you will notice the same taste you might expect after smelling it.

When you breathe out you will feel the taste change. As the smoke flies out and sweeps your tongue, you will feel the distinctive sour and pungent notes of Diesel. This flavor is especially familiar to cannabis users who get used to Sour Diesel.

The Grape Stomper is a hybrid, so most people would expect its taste to be a mix of its parent. However, the interesting Grape Stomper in you will experience taste after taste. Initially, you enjoy the juicy grape feeling but then you will experience the sour of Diesel taste.

It is the perfect balance between flavors.

Grow Description

The flowering period is approximately 10-12 weeks. Due to the Sativa gene, the strain is only about three or four feet tall and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. You won’t have to worry about trying to make sure the plant doesn’t overgrown.

However, it does have broad and complex ramifications. You need to clear the lower branches that run the risk of overwhelming useful growth. You can also use an extra curtain, tie the top of the tree to it to fix a canopy for high production efficiency. Try to be gentle with your Grape Stomper, as it can easily be damaged.

With a fairly steady growing temperature, the Grape Stomper is a great choice to try home grown. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to feed it well, as it can sometimes be quite hungry if applied in the wrong soil.

Common usage of the strain

Gage Green Grape Stomper is a Sativa-hybrid with high THC content and modest amounts of CBD. Therefore, it is excellent in helping to solve problems that arise from depression. This is mainly due to the sublimation energy it gives you. The high levels of THC content help encourage CB1 receptors to release important neurochemicals that can handle feelings associated with depression and make you feel better.

This strain also puts you in a complete state of mind against the feeling of stress. You will feel relaxed and uplifted body sensation, energetic yet soothing. It helps to erase all your stressful work or whatever is going on.

Chronic pain is also another problem that can be treated using Grape Stomper, as its powerful THC effects will make you feel mood swings like the pain has completely left your body.

Lastly, this strain is great at helping people who have trouble eating – thanks to its remarkable munchies effect, this strain will leave anyone wanting to eat. This is great for people still dealing with problems like Nervosa Anorexia or just those who are experiencing anorexia due to other drug treatments.


The interesting thing about Grape Stomper is that its effect makes it very difficult to distinguish Sativa or Indica because of the great combination of the two. You will feel like Indica as if you are stuck on a couch. But Grape Stomper’s body high is more elastic and full of energy, not moody. You can imagine yourself as a stretched ball.

Although Grape Stomper has 40% Indica in genetics, it doesn’t make you lose consciousness. You will feel happy, uplifted body wave, and a host of different emotions inside want to explode. The strange arousal energy inspires you to express yourself, increasing your creativity.

With these great effects, Grape Stomper is a great strain to use at any time but especially suitable if you are going to walk or swim, and other non-strenuous physical activities.

Side Effects

You will feel completely gnawing, hungry when the munchies touch you. This feeling usually comes in the middle of the high. Make sure you prepare some snacks.

You might feel a dry mouth like you want to drink a glass of water.

Besides that minor symptom, there was the problem of dizziness. This can happen with many strong strains, regardless of their ancestry or origin. However, not everyone has a problem with dizziness. The onset of a head rush can suddenly distract you, so make sure you have a comfortable location to rest if it hits you.

Eventually, some people review that they get anxious or paranoid while taking this drug. You will know if you are the type of person who will develop paranoia. If so, stay away from the Grape Stomper and any other high THC products.

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Overall, Grape Stomper Gage Green Genetics offers a great different experience when you get the original tastes from sweetness to sour taste of Sour Diesel. It brings powerful effects both to body and mind, providing enough positive energy for light activities. Whether enjoyed at night or during the day, we believe it is a worthy experience for both novice users and experienced smokers.

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