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Jilly bean is a common marijuana strain known for its attractive flavors of tropical and citrus and upbeat high. If you are looking for a daytime high, Jilly bean strain is a good pick. Read on the following Jilly bean reviews for more information! This is another review of different strains of marijuana that will help you to understand more about marijuana and its products. This review will also give an idea why marijuana products are essential to our lives. If you are interested to know about this marijuana strain you might also be interested to read the Bubba Kush review.

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This article will strictly be about the Jilly Bean strain review, where you will learn about everything that has to do with the strain, including its origin, flavor, aroma, and every other important information so that you can know whether it is a great strain, compared to the others that are available. Pay close attention to this article.

Introduction About The Strain


Coming from TGA Subcool Seeds, bred by MzJill Genetics, Jillybean is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with the taste of mango and pineapple jelly beans. Jillybean is bred from a combination of Space Queen and Orange Velvet. 

This is not an Indica-dominant hybrid because the ratio of Sativa/Indica is 60 Sativa/ 40 Indica. Therefore, strain Jillybean presents more brainy stimulation than other Indica hybrids, while still maintaining some bodily effects.

Flowering Time


Grown-indoor Jillybean takes about 9-10 weeks to blossom and ready for being harvested by its grower company. You only need to top this plant once during this time to control its height. It can produce a yield of around 10 ounces per square meter of alluring fruity-smelling buds. 


Being grown outdoors, Jillybean can produce an estimated average of about 8 ounces per plant. Jillybean blooms in a location where the climate is warm and dry. The golden time for this Orange Velvet and Space Queen’s child to be harvested is by the end of September. 

What Are The Features Of The Jillybean Strain?

THC and CBD Content


With a THC content of around 15-18%, Jillybean cannabis is known as a strong strain to some extent. In the past, it was categorized as an abnormally strong strain because of that THC. But today, in the cannabis industry, strains with 25+% THC content are considered normal. Therefore, whether the weed has THC 24% or THC 18%, it is put on the list of normal cannabis.


With regard to CBD content, Jillybean contains up to 1% CBD. This CBD content means Jillybean has great feasibility in medical uses.


Jillybean has rich gold or orange pistils standing out against spade-shaped presto green sepals. Mature Jilly bean plants are covered with long thin-stemmed way trichomes. According to many reviews, when taking a closer look at the plant, you can even see some specks of gold. 


This strain reminds you of the scent of tropical jelly bean candies all the way down the line. It has a soothing and sensational fragrance that will make your mouth water. Tasting Jillybean, many people review that you will think of oranges or mangos, but the backing aroma is post-grind that releases an almost garlic-like quality. 


These slight orange Sativa strains’ taste seems to change now and then. Some people might feel like orange drink flavor, while a lot of people review that they can get more of the spicy taste from the post-grind scent. 

At the very beginning of trying Jillybean strain, you might feel a little sweet flavor. Right after that, the taste lingering on the lips is bitter citrus that yields well in hash oil. Still, many reviews agree that it is similar to the taste and aroma of fruit that will immediately please you. 

What Are The Benefits?

This attractive strain can bring you the feeling of rushing happiness. Immediately after smoking the strain, you will be filled with positive vibrations and thoughts. This Orange Velvet and Space Queen cross can lift your mood by producing an uplifting atmosphere for your mind. 

This hybrid will make you smile uncontrollably, have you collapse into giggles, and make you feel soothing, healthy, and full of energy with distinct satisfaction. Jilly bean’s attractive and potent body effects can contribute to a more positive mood with great delight. 

That combination of emotions can activate the creativity that motivates you to create more and work effectively, especially when you do creative works, for example, artistic activities. Jillybean strain will introduce you renewed energy which gives you a push of concentration and helps you stay focused for the whole day.

To be more specific, each effect of the strain can be marked: happiness -10, uplifting – 09, euphoria – 07, creativity – 0 5.

Common Usage Of The Strain

Due to its uplifting blend, Jillybean strains bring about great effects on medical concerns. That is the reason why it appears in many dispensaries. The most common ailments that it is medically used for is stress. This cannabis product, just like Bubba Kush, can release severe mental pressure to bring you lighter and more positive feelings.

Also, this orange Sativa-dominant hybrid is good for people who are suffering from mood disorders including depression and anxiety as it can add uplifting medical effects without any addition of paranoia or stress. 

Besides, Jilly bean strains are useful in the treatment of ADHD and ache and pain relief. However, it is more appropriate for minor pains, rather than chronic ones. Therefore, this hybrid, without creating any heavy-bodied or sluggish feelings, is suitable for patients who need to soothe their symptoms. After using it, people can control their pain more successfully. 

Jilly bean is also an ideal strain to use if someone is desiring a cure for chronic fatigue. What is more, it is a good choice in treating nausea and giving an edge to a healthy appetite in cancer patients by causing the munchies. 

Possible Side Effects

The most common negative attributes of Jilly bean strain include dry eyes and cotton mouth. Even though these side effects can cause annoyance, this weed sounds to have more positive characteristics than negative ones. Therefore, after smoking, users will not experience a feeling of anxiety or paranoia. 


On the whole, Jilly bean is a must-have strain for users who are seeking an uplifting high. It can cause an increase in eye pressure right after you start smoking as the high takes hold. However, your mood will soon get better and higher, which makes you more energetic. 

After getting past Jilly bean’s unusual scent and taste at the beginning, you will realize that this orange strain is perfectly smooth smoke. Once you figure out your tolerance level to stay away from giggling, this marijuana strain is an attractive option during the daytime. 

So, hope that this article gives you enough Jilly bean strain reviews so that you can be ready to complete everything you want to do while taking pleasure in this cerebral high! 

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