Similar to the lavender plant, the Lavender Strain of cannabis is extremely calming and stress relieving. This is an indica leaning strain that offers its users a great and relaxing high. It has a very floral and herby lavender taste. Its leaves smell very much like lavender, as seen in our reviews. This makes it a great choice whenever you need to unwind and de-stress.

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The meaning of these lavender lavender is developed out of the cherished Afghan location. They all carry with them that signature hash flavor from our reviews. They all are derived from one location in Afghanistan,, and all share the unique quality of being landrace strains. However, this has not stopped breeders from cultivating new indica dominant hybrid categories while using the original genetics. This is all to try and recreate the ultimate marijuana experience, as seen in our reviews.

One of the types created in this way by Soma seeds is lavender, also known by the name Soma#10. This is an indica dominant hybrid flavor from Soma seeds that has become a favorite among growers because of its versatility in its growing process and its high THC count, as noted in our strain reviews.

What is the Soma seeds lavender marijuana strain?

The Amsterdam-based Soma seeds created lavender. This explains its otherwise rather strange alternate name of Soma #10 in Lavender lavender made off their seed bank.

The exact genetics used by Soma seeds are a bit uncertain, but it has many common landrace Afghani strains in its genetic history. These are such as Super skunk big and Afghani Hawaiian. The specific mix of both indica and Sativa lets the lavender get a little bit of the super skunk big and Afghani Hawaiian effects, as seen in our reviews. This allows for a rich high despite the lavender strong indica leanings.

As is common from a principally indica strain, some of the first effects you will notice, as seen in our reviews, is a profoundly intense relaxation that washes over you.

One of the important things you need to look out for a while experiencing the lavender high is not to fall asleep. Lavender tends to leave you just on the edge of sleep for long periods at a time instead of just knocking you out.

Note that you will not be able to do much as you enjoy the Lavender high as you will not be motivated enough to be productive. You will also experience a noticeable sensation of cheeriness and optimism for the future.

The Lavender aroma flavor and appearance

The first smell you will notice is lavender. However, it has a smell that is most similar to sun-dried lavender than the fresh floral flavor that is common in a west coast state. The smell deepens the closer you get to the bud. There is a distinctive, incredibly familiar smell of hash that will remind you of all the great Afghani types you have ever enjoyed from different dispensaries. As noted from our reviews, If you are not one of the experienced marijuana smokers, you will most likely find the product to be oddly spicy with an undercurrent of the herbaceousness that will leave you wanting to smell even more. When the buds are opened, the smell deepens further and offers a unique blend of spiciness and lavender.


Lavender oil generally has a distinctive flavor to it that will be very enjoyable to most people. It, however, is challenging to eat lavender because of its shape and acrid taste. When it comes to lavender cannabis, the flavor is mostly what you think lavender would taste like. It is best described as floral, herby, and really spicy. Expect to have has qualities hidden within the smoke.


Lavender’s appearance is quite ordinary. It has a greatly mottled green appearance that interspersed with bits of orange and yellow trichomes and has underlying hairs.

Lavender Cannabis Strain Grow Information

Lavender is an easy strain that you can grow yourself. It is quite versatile, able to withstand great variations in temperature and humidity both indoors and outdoors.

To achieve great results, grow it using the sea of green technique, which means that you need to cultivate many smaller lavender groups rather than a single large plant. This technique works because lavender will produce a good quantity of bud quite early thanks to its short vegetation cycle. It, unfortunately, has a low yield mainly because of its landrace genetics. This makes the sea of green technique a great idea as it maximizes the amount of good bud you get at the end.

THC content (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

As found in my grandaddy purple review, Lavender has a high THC level (around19%), similar to the Big Skunk Korean strain. Sign up for the granddaddy purple newsletter to find out more.

This gives a potent high that tends to avoid becoming too overpowering like some THC-rich types, e.g., the Big Skunk Korean.

CBD content

There is no definite evidence of any CBD content on an average lavender strain sample (CBD level at1%) in my review. In most THC rich strains, the CBD levels are low. This is unlike in other strains as the Super skunk big.

Medical benefits of lavender strain

Lavender strain will be generally useful for anything commonly treated with high doses of Tetrahydrocannabinol, as seen in my review. This includes mental disorders such as anxiety and stress and will manage depression and PTSD. It is also great for treating insomnia, muscle spasms thanks to its soporific qualities that promote sleep. It also helps treat chronic headaches and pain relief by reducing the ability to feel the sensation of pain and relaxation.

Possible Side Effects of Lavender Strain

You might experience dry mouth and dry eyes that accompany your high due to its powerful quantity of THC. Staying hydrated will better this cotton mouth.

Other weed side effects include headaches dizziness.


Lavender is a great example of the ingenuity of the marijuana breeding community. Expect to find a profoundly relaxing experience when you use the lavender strain coupled with a pleasant high if you manage to get some lavender from a budtender in a menu in present dispensaries e.g., in the US, Colorado state where it is rare. Marijuana is legal in this state. Look forward to an intense, powerful relaxing high that will culminate in a near-complete loss of consciousness from its usage. A lot of cannabis strains exist that have the eventual effect of knocking you out. Still, only the lavender strain will offer a uniquely spicy, floral flavor profile combined with a great soothing effect.

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