Master Kush

Master Kush offers an equally relaxed and happy feeling just perfect for an early evening or night time smoke. This indica is measured with 17.5% THC level.

Master Kush offers an equally relaxed and happy feeling just perfect for an early evening or night time smoke. This indica is measured with 17.5% THC level. It is a famous strain that originated from two landrace strains, both from the Hindu Kush mountains. The creation of Master Kush is credited to the Dutch White Label Seed Company of Amsterdam. Its flavor is what they describe as “vintage.” The plant smells a bit earthy and citrusy with hints of incense. The taste is said to be comparable to popular charas hash. Avid marijuana users take pleasure in Master Kush’s outstanding effects of full-body relaxation without it hindering a person’s ability to think. On the contrary, this strain is even able to heighten sensory awareness.

Master Kush is a nice strong indica with just the right amount of sedation. Moreover, it is best for an end of the day-use so one can fully enjoy its relaxing effects without having to worry about any obligation to get things done. This strain is a good enough reward after a long day at work, relieving one of anybody pain or mental stress. It also would not unexpectedly get you knocked out to sleep so you can really take pleasure in your evening.

The come-on is a bit of strong pressure on the head with the feeling of warmth like being medicated, but still leaving the user cheerful and talkative. This happens almost immediately with a sensation that is pleasurable and helpful for improving one’s mood. This is followed by a heavy state of relaxation. It feels heavy on the core, but the limbs can still move. It will prove to be hard to stay focused on tasks. Hence, it is best to leave chores aside while using this strain and just find a comfortable spot to lounge.

This strain can be a great choice if you are looking for a good smoke without rushing to sleep. This one will leave you smiling while enjoying activities like watching TV, listening to music, or just treating your body to a gleeful rest. Others are also able to enjoy this indica with friends because it can significantly improve one’s disposition and let you have loads of laughter. Therefore, this strain is also recommended for use if you want to have a good time.

On the other hand, users who tried Master Kush for medical reasons said that this strain was able to help them deal with their nausea, migraine, anxiety, body pain, and even restlessness. This indica is like an all-in-one pill that helps address both pain and mood problems at the same time. The added bonus is the feeling of relaxation that is like floating on water. Afterward, it helps the person get a restful sleep, not one that others describe as having a comatose.

There are others who smoke this during the day, depending on the need, for example, a serious pain problem. They are able to remain mentally focused but putting all agenda aside, just spending the rest of a mellow and relaxed day. If you’re looking for an indica to give you the balance of relaxation, happiness, and pain relief, then Master Kush is the one for you.

Master Kush: